Go deep to target pain and inflammation with Heat Healer’s new Triple Threat Technology™ 




Experience regular period pain, intense PMS or endometriosis pain? How about back pain or post-workout aches and strains? (Ow, my shoulder! Abs! Neck!)

There’s now a simple solution which employs something super-cool called Triple Threat Technology™. This is THREE different technologies which have all been shown to help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in the body. Heat Healer’s new Body Belt is the only commercially available device which combines these powerhouse technologies.

So what are the three technologies, how do they actually work to address pain and inflammation, and how did we squeeze them all into one tiny, portable body belt that you can chuck in your bag and take with you wherever you go? Let’s investigate!

  1. PEMF - still don’t know what PEMF is? We dove deep into this super-spacey technology that has been used for over 70 years, including to help keep NASA astronauts healthy. In a nutshell, pulsed electromagnetic fields are able to increase circulation, oxygen delivered to muscles, and the level of Nitric Oxide in the blood - which reduces the sensation of pain and speeds up healing within body tissue. It can reduce swelling and increase our body’s production of growth factors, which fight inflammation. Dave Asprey talks about how PEMF can ‘power up’ your mitochondria - the battery packs of our cells.
  2. Infrared heat - you’ve heard of this one! It’s the technology that drives our OG personal sauna blanketsInfrared heat targets inflammation and pain by penetrating deep through the skin into muscle and bone, causing blood vessels to expand, allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to injured tissues. Heat therapy has long been used to treat joint and muscle pain, as well as chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Heat is distributed evenly across 44 filled pockets of Jade, Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Amber, Amethyst crystals, and negative ion-producing clay beads. And they look cute too!
  3. Red Light Therapy - wait, like in LED face masks? Red light therapy improves the appearance of skin by stimulating collagen and increasing the growth rate of fibroblasts (a type of cell that contributes to making new connective tissue in our bodies). This technology is sometimes referred to as photobiomodulation (PBM rolls off the tongue a little easier!) and some recent studies have recommended it for potential use in the rehabilitation of sports injuries, and to enhance sports performance.

While many of the benefits of these technologies can be felt instantly (goodbye pain and tension, hello warm and gentle relaxation!) over the longer term, you may also notice an even greater reduction in pain or control of the symptoms of PMS. This is because of the on-going and cumulative benefits of cell repair, the production of new connective tissue and a reduction of inflammation within the body.