Welcome to “Sweat It” with Heat Healer, celebrating like-minded people and businesses who use and love our Heat Healer Infrared saunas. 

Heat Healer was born to give people the opportunity to conveniently integrate heat therapy into their wellness routine, and reap the many benefits that come with regular sauna use.

Here, we ask our guests for a behind-the-scenes peek at their overall approach to wellness as well as their hacks to elevate the personal sauna experience.

First up, we spoke with Lindsey Lekhraj, an Epigenetics Human Potential Coach, Founder of Embodiment™ TM, and 2 x Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

As huge fans of Lindsey, we love to watch her speak about epigenetics on Instagram (@lindseylekhraj). So you can imagine we were thrilled when she reached out to us to tell us how much she enjoys using Heat Healer and wants to recommend it to her clients.

Here’s what Lindsey had to say...

1. Tell us more about what Epigenetics coaching is?
Epigenetics is the vast field that proves the countless ways that your lifestyle choices (nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc) impact your body’s performance down to a cellular level. The expression of many genes can be swayed significantly if you know how your body is “wired” and how to strategically map out your wellness plan and lifestyle. So basically, I can read your genes like a blueprint to give you the most streamlined, effective approach to wellness that really works… instead of just following trends that are often ill-fitting or dangerous if you don’t know how your genes will respond.

2. The term “Wellness” is a bit of a hot topic of the moment and can mean many things to people. What does it mean to you?
It’s totally broad! To me, Wellness means feeling empowered within my mind and body and making choices that support my best evolution, and for those around me. I think that as a community, we can focus super micro sometimes and become a slave to wellness… so it’s important to keep it all in perspective and remember that JOY counts as wellness, too! Mental health is a huge piece of the pie.

3. What is one thing you think we should be doing more of at the moment?
Stress management! The entire world has been through a traumatic year. We could all use a bit of softness, kindness, and laughter with ourselves and each other.

4. Are there any brands or industry leaders that you love and would like to give a shout-out to?
I’m pretty obsessed with Sakara. I’ve been an affiliate partner with them for about two years, and this brand just keeps getting better and doing more to support holistic wellness through their organic meal deliveries (which are a game-changer), but also through community and connection. They really get it.

5. How has Heat Healer helped you in your wellness routine? Do you have any hot tips on how you make the most of your sauna experience?
Heat Healer helps me to deepen my detox practices in a way that doesn’t feel depleting or stressful. I’ve been detoxing and biohacking for years, and this technology remains a consistent part of my weekly efforts that I look forward to each time.
There’s something so incredibly nourishing about the experience, and it never lets me down! My favorite hot tip is to combine a castor oil pack over the liver or any especially stagnant areas while in the sauna for extra systematic support!