6 simple steps to creating a calm and soothing sauna space. Here’s how...

By Jessica Collins for Heat Healer

When Heat Healer founder Lauren Dovey isn’t singing the praises of heat therapy, you might find her indulging in another passion - interior design. Having recently completed the design and build of her dream home in Sydney’s beach-loving suburb Bondi (@wavehousebondi), Lauren has learned a thing or two about creating calm and soothing spaces to relax in.

Here, she shares six key (and super easy) steps to setting up the perfect space to roll out your personal Infrared sauna blanket…

1. Declutter -the first step is to make sure your space is free from the distracting clutter of daily life so you can fully relax and immerse yourself in the sauna experience. Goodbye random phone chargers, hairbrushes and half-drunk mugs of tea!

2. Soft or natural lighting - another important element to aid relaxation is lighting. For a morning sauna session Lauren recommends a spot with plenty of natural light to help your body wake up and feel energized. In the evening, soft lighting (perhaps a fancy candle or two?) works alongside your body’s natural circadian rhythm to help you wind down after a long day.

3. Greenery - not only do plants look great in every kind of space but some prettycompelling health benefits have been unearthed by researchers, such as stress reduction, increased focus and an improvement in air quality. Within hospital settings, some studies have even linked plants to faster recovery from illness.

4. Sound - we all know that music impacts our mood, so choose your playlist based on what you want to achieve during your sauna session - relaxation, focus or perhaps an energy boost? Alternatively, use your sauna session to listen to a podcast or undertake guided meditation or breathwork.This is called ‘practice-stacking’ - and one of Lauren’s faves is guided breathwork appOthership.

5. Fragrance - similar to music, our sense of smell is inextricably linked to our mood, and also memory. This is why essential oils, scented candles and incense have been used in conjunction with mediation for years. Lauren loves the smell ofLe Labo Palo Santo 14 to clear any mental blockages and promote positive vibes. Using the same scent each time can help condition your brain to associate the smell with deep relaxation.

6. Ditch the tech - technology is the ultimate distraction from our own minds. Plus, the blue light from screens has beenproven to have a negative effect on our sleep and potentially even cause disease. Lauren recommends using wireless speakers, likeUltimate Ears, to play your music or podcast within your sauna space so you can leave the phone out of arm’s reach!

Lauren says: “I love how the physical elements in our homes can impact our internal state of mind and help set a unique intention for our sauna practice. Each time I roll out my Heat Healer in the lounge room, spare room (or my bedroom, depending on where my kids are!) I first take a few minutes to tidy and set up the space.

This has become a key and consistent part of my personal sauna ritual and is a strong signal to my body that now it’s time to relax and unwind”.