Ever wondered how Lauren and the team at Heat Healer unwind? We held our annual Rest & Reset Day And here are 5 tips for bringing day spa vibes to your own home.


Here at Heat Healer we don’t do typical team building days with role play, trust falls and problem solving activities - not our style! We’re all about bringing the relaxation with a capital RELAX, giving us a chance to reset and reflect on what we’ve achieved and how we want to show up for the rest of the year.

This month the team headed out to a serene space for our very own spa day. The location was a minimalist and monochromatic mansion on Sydney’s north shore, and also where we shot our new Heat Healer ad campaign.

Here’s how the day went down.

To set ourselves up for the ultimate relaxation, we kicked things off with an adrenaline-pumping jump rope session outside. This allowed us to take in the stunning scenery, boost our Vit D and endorphin levels and start the day with a positive mindset. Tick!

Next we sunk into a Heat Healer sauna session for 45 minutes. We took the opportunity to stack our practices, incorporating a 5 minute breathwork session, a 15 minute meditation and finished up with a guided manifestation from Lacey Phillips’ ‘To Be Magnetic’ program. This combo helped serve up clarity and direction to tackle the next (busy) few weeks.

After the sauna, a warm shower and revitalizing lymphatic drainage massage boosted the detoxifying effects of the morning’s activities. Using theHeat Healer Bian Stone Lymphatic Body Paddle to do this can also help define and sculpt, for glowing skin.

To finish, a freshly brewed cup of Matcha tea overlooking the ocean, before floating on with the rest of our day in a state of bliss (Work? What work!)

While we’d love to hit up a boujie day spa every single day, we’ve learned the key to solid self-care is carving out the space and time for a little everyday luxury.

With this in mind, we’ve pulled together our top tips for bringing spa vibes home:

1. Set the scene -pick a room that makes you feel calm and has plenty of natural light (for a daytime session) or can be darkened to encourage your body to kickstart melatonin production (for a pre-bedtime session and an epic night’s sleep.

2. Prep the room -have everything you need to hand: water bottle, towel, music etc. Remember to pre-heat your sauna as you do this.

3. Pick a scent to transcend -experts tell us memories associated with smells are often older and thought about less often, this can make them more vivid when you access them. Choose a scent that reminds you of something beautiful, like a trip away. We loveEllis Brooklyn’s ‘Apres’-it calls to mind warm and woody sauna rooms after a day on the ski slopes.

4. Plan your journey -it’s important to ask yourself how you want to spend your time in the sauna; is it to wind down and switch off, or boost brain function and energy levels? Have a playlist ready, or choose a guided breathwork or meditation track fit for purpose.

5. Set your intention -use this to wrap up your session and carry the feeling with you throughout the rest of your day (or night).